Sweetbriar Designs Grew out of Passion

Passion for Top Quality Merchandise

Lately, I feel more and more that what I am spending my money on is just not compatible with the quality that I expect. I have truly made it my passion to search for products that I think are special and worthy of the cost…items that I, myself would want to own or give as a gift.

Passion for "The Name in Print"

Several months ago I was doing a much needed reorganization of my jewelry box. In it I found a monogrammed pendant that my mother had given to me as a teenager. Though the memory had long been overshadowed by life, it was a special gift that now brought back a flood of great memories! I truly believe this is exactly what happens when you give a gift that was uniquely customized with a person’s name on it.

Passion for Customer Service

At Sweetbriar Designs, customer service is an integral part of our business philosophy. I think it is simply common sense to recognize that without the customer, there is no business! I believe, it is a PRIVILEGE to have you as a customer and it is my HONOR to serve you. You have my personal guarantee that the entire Sweetbriar Designs family will have customer service as the number one priority. I am GRATEFUL for you and appreciate your support!

Passion for Fun

I am completely dedicated to bringing you a fun and unique product. Whether you are an online customer or met us at a show, I want your journey with us to be filled with fun and satisfaction.

With deepest gratitude,

Lisa McConnell

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